Tuesday, October 3, 2017

"A Mystery and a Murder of the Most Diabolical Kind"

"Yet Another Thames Mystery."
First appearance: The Pall Mall Budget, June 9, 1887.
News article (1 paragraph).
Online at Hathi Trust (HERE).

"The police have certainly not much of a clue to work upon."
When we stumbled across this article, it rang a bell, so to speak. If you're at all interested in serial killers of the Ripper school, then check out the resources below.
- This killing was part of a sensational series of crimes known as the Thames Torso Murders of 1887-89, which have been largely forgotten due to Jolly Jack's activities; see the Wikipedia article (HERE), the Casebook: Jack the Ripper write-up by Gerald Spicer (HERE), and the Morbid World article (HERE) for more.
- Crime fiction writers haven't forgotten the Torso Murders, either; see the review of Sarah Pinborough's novel (HERE) and the Amazon page for M. J. Trow (HERE), author of a non-fiction book about the atrocities (HERE), as well as ten novels featuring the much-maligned Inspector Lestrade.

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