Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"The Bank Note Forger" and "A Warning in Red" (Updates)

WHEN WE INITIALLY posted about these stories, apparently scans of their original magazine appearances weren't online (or, at least, we couldn't find any), but thanks to the Hathi Trust they are now. When first published, these stories were enhanced with illos by some of the finest magazine illustrators of their era, but book publication usually meant most or all of the drawings would be sacrificed. If you've already read them or/and you don't really care about illos, then feel free to skip this post. Additionally, we've included links to both ONTOS and the new scan pages.

"The Bank Note Forger" (1899).
By Cutcliffe Hyne (1866-1944).
Short short story (8 pages; 6 illos by Ernest Prater).
ONTOS (HERE) and Hathi Trust (HERE).

~ ~ ~
"A Warning in Red" (1899).
By Victor L. Whitechurch (1868-1933) and E. Conway (?-?).
Short short story (8 pages; 6 illos by Max Cowper).
ONTOS (HERE) and Hathi Trust (HERE).

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