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Summer 2019. Issue #51.
Editor: Arthur Vidro.
Old-Time Detection Special Interest Group of American Mensa, Ltd.
36 pages (including covers).
Cover image: Whodunit? Houdini?

NOTE: The first part of this review is on Steve Lewis's Mystery*File weblog; go (THERE) first.

Here's a brief outline of Issue 51:
1. From the Editor: "Origin of a Column" (2019) by Arthur Vidro.
   Arthur announces the beginning of "a run of reprint pieces penned by Ed Hoch."
   Related: (HERE, the GAD Wiki).

2. "Whodunit? We'll Never Tell but the Mystery Novel Is Alive and Well" (1983; 3 pages) by Jon L. Breen.
   "Lately the classical whodunit appears to be making something of a comeback. But it has never really been away. For many, it is the Main Street of the mystery field, and all the other types are merely offshoots."
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3. Author Spotlight: "Craig Rice" (1988; 5 pages) by J. Randolph Cox.
   "In many ways Craig Rice's method was to take the traditional stereotypes and clichés of the mystery field and reverse them or hold them up to ridicule."
   Related: (HERE, the GAD Wiki).

4. The Paperback Revolution (1970-71; 3 pages) by Charles Shibuk.
   Related: (Allingham: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Ambler: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Blake: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Carr: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Christie: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Courtier: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Garve: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Gruber: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Marsh: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Palmer: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (EQ: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Symons: HERE, the GAD Wiki); (Tey: HERE, the GAD Wiki); and (Whitfield: HERE, the GAD Wiki).
5. Remembering Lianne Carlin (2019) by Marvin Lachman.

6. Christie Corner (2019; 2 pages) by Dr. John Curran.
   Related: (Towards Zero: HERE, the GAD Wiki).

7. Nero Wolfe: "Zero Nero . . . Well, Almost" (2019; 2 pages) by George H. Madison.
   Related: (Stout: HERE, the GAD Wiki).
8. The Non-Fiction World of Ed Hoch: Number 1 (1990; 3 pages) by Edward D. Hoch, compiled by Dan Magnuson, Charles Shibuk, and Marvin Lachman.
   Related: (Index to Crime and Mystery Anthologies: HERE, and HERE,

9. Arsene Lupin: "Lupin on Stage, the Screen, and Television" (2008; 3 pages) by Amnon Kabatchnik.
   Related: (Leblanc: HERE, the GAD Wiki).

10. Fiction: "The Last Word" (EQMM, June 1968; 5 pages) by William Brittain using the "James Knox" alias.
    Related: (Brittain: HERE, Wikipedia).
11. Review (4 pages) of Whodunit? Houdini? Thirteen Tales of Magic, Murder, Mystery (1976), edited by Otto Penzler.
    Related: (Penzler: HERE, Wikipedia).
12. "Allure of Classic Whodunits" (2018; 2 pages) by Michael Dirda.
    Related: (Dirda: HERE, Wikipedia).
13. The Readers Write (2 pages).
    "[Issue] #50 is a winner."

14. The Puzzle Page.
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