Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Spring 2019. Issue #50.
Editor: Arthur Vidro.
Old-Time Detection Special Interest Group of American Mensa, Ltd.
41 pages (including covers).
Cover image: Christianna Brand.

Note: The first part of this review can be found on Steve Lewis's Mystery*File weblog (HERE). Go there first.
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This issue's contents:
  (Note: Some related off-site links have been included.)

  1. From the Editor: "In Memoriam: Barbara Dannay" by Arthur Vidro.

  2. "Introduction to Christianna Brand" by Francis M. Nevins (2010).
      Also see: The GAD Wiki (HERE) and Mystery*File (HERE).

  3. Introduction to "Cyanide in the Sun" by Tony Medawar.

  4. Fiction: The unabridged version of "Cyanide in the Sun" (1958; 13 pages) by Christianna Brand.

  5. "Christie Corner" by Dr. John Curran covers new screen and stage treatments of The ABC Murders ("I am not going to waste words discussing this abomination . . ."), Agatha and the Art of Murder (". . . released on an unsuspecting viewing public . . ."), The Mirror Crack'd ("Miss Marple begins to question her place in the world until . . ."), and Towards Zero (". . . the play is, even nowadays, rarely performed . . ."), plus a few snippets.
     See also: The GAD Wiki (HERE), (HERE), and (HERE).
  6. "The Paperback Revolution" (1970) by Charles Shibuk.
  7. A 1978 interview (14 pages) with Christianna Brand with background by Allen J. Hubin.

  8. "New Non-Fiction": Margalit Fox's Conan Doyle for the Defense (2018) reviewed by    Michael Dirda.
  9. Trudi Harrov's mini-reviews of The A.B.C. Murders (1936), The Greek Coffin Mystery (1932), Halfway House (1936), and Rumpole Misbehaves (2007).
     Also see: The GAD Wiki (HERE), (HERE), (HERE), and Book Reporter (HERE).
  10. "Letters from Christianna Brand" by Arthur Vidro.

  11. "The Readers Write," "This Issue's Puzzle," and the "Big News Department."

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