Saturday, November 21, 2020

"Boss Says You've Had Firearms Training"

By Wendy Nikel.
First appearance: Daily Science Fiction, October 26, 2020.
Short short short story (3 pages).
Online at Daily Science Fiction (HERE).

     "I couldn't go up against T-Port alone."

Sometimes even the simplest jobs can go south in a heartbeat: "I tried to pull myself together, but all I could think of is how much this was not what I signed up for . . ."

~ "a pink-ponytailed, dragon-tattooed college dropout":
  "They'd have me disintegrated before I could say 'ethical responsibility'."
~ Supervisor Seth:
  "Did you press RESET first?"
~ Jeffrey Bloomsburg:
  "Your manager will hear from me!"

- Wendy Nikel has a homepage (HERE); bibliographical data about her SFF is at the ISFDb (HERE).
- We've come across stories that make plot hay out of the idea of teleportation; for example, see Oscar Friend's "I Get Off Here" (HERE), Silverberg and Garrett's "The Incomplete Theft" (HERE), and Larry Niven's "The Alibi Machine" (HERE).

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