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"A Couple of Hours of Exciting and Absorbing Reading"

By Robert Halifax.
Digby, Long and Co.
1911. 325 pages. 6s.
No e-texts available.

A VERY obscure Edwardian writer about whom we know nothing; apparently he dabbled in producing thrillers:
The House of Horror lives up to its title, and introduces the reader to a maze of plots, counter-plots, Anarchist rumours, and marvellous motor-cars. And even if the hero does sometimes seem rather a nervous young man, who falls in love with the mysterious and beautiful unknown more precipitately than is in keeping with his temperament, we are grateful to Mr. Robert Halifax for having given us a couple of hours of exciting and absorbing reading. — "Notes on New Books," THE BOOKMAN [U.K.] (February 1911)
An illustration accompanying the review shows two apprehensive people, one of them saying: "Hark! What was that? There is some one behind the door—watching!"

Another title attributed to Robert Halifax is THE JEWELS OF DEATH (1913), about which we also know nothing.

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