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Sherlock from Many Angles

Many thanks to ALWAYS 1895 for finding these public domain items in the Hathi Trust Digital Library; we hope all of these works are accessible to our readers.

A Doctor Enjoys Sherlock Holmes (1959), Edward J. Van Liere [New York: Vantage Press].
. . . Dr. Van Liere (1895-1979) delivers just what the title suggests: a collection of short essays (many previously published in the BSJ, Harvard Medical Alumni Journal, The West Virginia Medical Journal, etc.) discussing minutiae of the [Sherlock Holmes] canon from a doctor’s perspective. Topics include dogs, 'brain fever,' various medical topics in relation to the cases of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson qua medical man.
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Sherlock Holmes in Portrait and Profile (1963), Walter Klinefelter [New York: Syracuse University Press].

A short, 97-page profile of Sherlock Holmes with an introduction by the venerable Vincent Starrett focuses on various visual portrayals of Sherlock Holmes in the many magazines that ran ACD’s stories. Mr. Klinefelter’s interesting little publication is a “story-by-story or book-by-book account of what the detective’s various portrayers made of him as the piecemeal records of his cases were inconsecutively released.”
William Gillette As Sherlock Holmes: As Produced at the Garrick Theatre, New York (1900). Published with the Authorization of Mr. Charles Frohman [New York: R. H. Russell].
A very short pamphlet made-up of vintage William Gillette photographs in the role of Sherlock Holmes. A window into the time before Brett, Rathbone, Cushing or Wilmer had yet donned the persona of the great detective and Gillette was the face of Sherlock Holmes.
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