Saturday, March 1, 2014

"A Tale of Secret and Unexplained Evil Happenings"

By Bertram Mitford (1855-1914).
Ward, Lock & Co.
1911. 320 pages.
Online HERE, HERE, and HERE.
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Mitford was "a colonial writer, novelist, essayist and cultural critic who wrote forty-four books, most of which are set in South Africa" [Wikipedia]:
"The Heath Hover Mystery," by Bertram Mitford, is frankly a tale of secret and unexplained evil happenings, touched with the glamour of Eastern romance. The important thing in the story is a star with deadly points, and its fateful influence on an otherwise normal English household is told of with a skilful prolonging of the mystery. — "Of Many Countries," THE BOOKMAN [U.K.] (August 1911)

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