Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Two Guys Just Shot This Man!"

IF YOU ARE familiar with the term "biter bit" (if not, see "Resources" below), then you 
might be able to guess how the next story will turn out . . .
~ ~ ~
   "In his business fingers and nerves were everything—like with a piano player."

"The Last Haul."
By Fenton W. Earnshaw (1912-ca.1970).
First appearance: Thrilling Detective, September 1941.

Short short short story (4 pages).
Online at (HERE).
     "Benny Warner Proves to Be Dumber Than His Victim!"

Have you ever been admonished not to jump to conclusions? Evidently whoever gave Benny that advice was wasting his breath . . .

~ Benny Warner:

  "You got nothing on me, copper."
~ Captain Hendricks:
  "You're leaving by tomorrow night, Benny."
~ Detective Olsen:
  "He told you who shot him? He was talking when you got here?"
~ Mr. Carson:
  "It happened quickly. Carson's fists clenched, his mouth opened as if to yell."

- The term "biter bit" and its variations are defined on The Free Dictionary (HERE).

- The FictionMags Index shows that short story credits for Fenton William Earnshaw spanned a ten-year period, 1939-49, with 21 stories overall; Earnshaw had three short-lived series characters: Dan McGuire (Thrilling Detective, 3 adventures, 1939-41), whom he inherited from Robert Leslie Bellem; Johnny Wells (Thrilling Detective, 1 adventure, 1939), a character later used by uberpulpster Norman A. Daniels; and MacAnderson (Thrilling Detective, 2 adven-tures, 1941-42), a character all his own.

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