Friday, October 26, 2018

"I Was Particularly Keen Not to Get Caught"

"Ignorantia Juris."
By Gareth Owens (?-?).
Illustration by JACEY.
First appearance: Nature/Futures, 17 July 2008.
Short short short story (1 page).
Online at (HERE; PDF).

     "I arrived in a puff of something that looked like smoke and felt like semolina, standing with my briefcase held before me like a shield."

As Barbi Bodega is about to find out, the phrase "the long arm of the law" is more than just a metaphor . . .

- In case you're wondering about the story's title, see Wikipedia (HERE).
- The super-duper atom smasher known at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in our tale is real (HERE), and has been in existence long enough to give fictioneers plenty of opportunities to fool around with its capabilities (HERE), including the vanishingly small but non-zero likeli-hood that it could cough up a micro black hole which, in theory at least, could swallow up 
the Earth; see (HERE) and (HERE).
- Our latest story posting involving temporal shenanigans, Milton Lesser's "Stop, You're Killing Me!", is (HERE), which has links to other tales in a similar vein.


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