Friday, December 7, 2018

"Just Beyond That Little Bit of Warm Skin and Blood Was Cold Polyurethane, Metal and Circuitry"

By Thomas Broderick.
Illustration by JACEY.
First appearance: Nature/Futures, 5 January 2017.
Short short short story (1 page).
Online at (HERE; PDF).

     "In the southwest corner of the apartment's basement was approximately 10 kilograms of flesh and hair surrounded by a large pool of partially dried blood."

Immortality is grand, but it always comes at a price . . .

Typo: "in the proceeding three days"

- According to the ISFDb, Thomas Broderick has two stories to his credit so far (HERE).

- The title is a metaphor for (THIS); in literature, music, TV and film, and business, the word in its non-literal sense has been in vogue for years (HERE).

- The Cast Off process in our story is still vastly more sophisticated than what is outlined (HERE; PDF) and (HERE); in a technical sense, even these accounts don't quite explain it (HERE) and (HERE).

The bottom line:
   "And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die."
     — The Bible


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