Friday, August 30, 2019

"Let Me Bring You an Aspirin, Sir"

"The Perfect Crime Revisited."
By Terry Black (?-?).

First appearance: Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, November 1982.
Short short short story (2 pages).
Online at The Luminist Archive (HERE; scroll down to magazine/PDF page 76).

     "It started out as an open and shut case. Trouble was, it was entirely too open!"

Just how credible is a dying message, anyway? "On the floor was a vital clue: a thin line of blood trailed from the dead man's outstretched finger, forming a wavering—but quite clear—indictment of his killer."

~ Floyd Burbank:
  "Beside one of the tables was a portly, middle-aged man with a Sterling silver letter opener jutting from his back."
~ Detective Sergeant Barton Rimble:
  "Now you say we're dead in the water. What the hell's the problem?"
~ Detective Calvin Cupflutter:
  "You'd better see for yourself, sir. We have what you might call . . . a complication."

- According to FictionMags, beginning in 1980 Terry Black's (HERE) first eight sales were to the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, with today's story being the third; he's also had nine stories published in Alfred Hitchcock's, and well over a dozen of an SFF-nal nature (HERE), several of which feature his series character, Johnny Quantum.

- Other ONTOS articles about the perfect crime include "He Didn't Bother to Look Too Carefully When He Didn't See It" (HERE), "I Heard Him Scream, and I Spun Round, and 
He Was Squirming Across the Guard Rail" (HERE), and "Amateur Night for the Perfect 
Crime" (HERE).

The bottom line:

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