Friday, January 10, 2014

"A Winning Mystery"

By Kathleen Moore Knight (1890-1984).
Crime Club.
1941. 306 pages. $2.00
Current first edition price as high as $125.00
Chances are you never heard of her, but Knight was a prolific crime fiction and mystery author. These reviews discuss the second of four books featuring her series sleuth, Margot Blair:
Knight packs a lot into 300 pages. Backbiting, secret relationships, blackmail, betrayal and a murderer who, of course, just can't stop with one death. Add a dash of humour ("I see cactus is being worn this season") and a killer whose identity is well-hidden and you have a winning mystery. — Darrell, THE STUDY LAMP (6 February 2012)
Observant girl press-agent saves stage-struck deb from death and writes finis to murderous career of Long Island triple slayer. - Highly atmospheric item, with stage and publicity personalities well handled, nearly guess-proof plot, and gobs of action. - Verdict: High voltage. — THE SATURDAY REVIEW (November 15, 1941)
- For short reviews of twenty-nine other Knight mysteries go HERE and follow the links.

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