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"Plentifully Supplied with Plot"

By Frederick C. Davis (1902-77).
Crime Club.
1939. 278 pages. $2.00
Another greatly ignored Golden Age of Detection pulpster:
. . . a winning mystery . . . Briskly paced, humorous and fleshed out with characters who complicate the investigation—the secretary who's a little too willing to aid in the investigation, a deputy commissioner who indulges in a little eavesdropping and political backstabbing, and two hissably sadistic thugs. [The main sleuth Cy] Hatch engages in some scientific detection and the usual rounding-up-of-the-suspects conclusion . . . — Darrell, THE STUDY LAMP (7 March 2012)
Quadruple murder of N.Y. private detective and disappearance of lovely girl nearly terminate careers of Cy Hatch and bodyguard. - Plentifully supplied with plot, amazingly outspoken in spots, amusing, rapid, and packed with surprises—especially at end. - Verdict: Class A. — THE SATURDAY REVIEW (January 7, 1939)
Davis used several aliases:
- Frederick C[lyde] Davis (1902-1977): author of 1,000+ pulp stories.
- 21 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Stephen Ransome, with series characters Lieutenant Lee Barcello, Steve Ransome.
- 18 mystery/detective novels under own name (Frederick C. Davis) with series characters Schuyler Cole & Luke Speare, Professor Cyrus Hatch; used pseudonym Stephen Ransome for British publication.
- 20-30 mystery/detective novels under pseudonym Curtis Steele, with series character James Christopher, a.k.a., Secret Operator No. 5.
- 1 mystery/detective novel under pseudonym Murdo Coombs. — Magic Dragon Multimedia

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