Friday, January 17, 2014

At Least He Was a Good Plotter

By Tech Davis.
Doubleday, Doran (Crime Club).
1935. 322 pages. $2.00
Current price: $125.00
If you're thinking of buying this one, you might as well forget it (see the MYSTERY*FILE review for details):
His prose doesn't elevate, indeed may be said to enervate. His detective, Aubrey Nash, is so bland that I wish he'd been given the one or two idiosyncrasies that I usually deplore in other fictional detectives whose creators can't seem to make come alive. But he does plot well. — William F. Deeck, MYSTERY*FILE (January 2012)
Chauffeur and employer die. Aubrey Nash solves summer camp killings against time. - Plenteous action, attractive setting, unobtrusive sleuthing, and one of the most-killed corpses on record. - Verdict: Enjoyable. THE SATURDAY REVIEW (October 26, 1935)
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