Friday, February 23, 2018

"Can You Get Sherlock Holmes by Wireless?"

"The Stolen Emerald."
By Harris Merton Lyon (1881-1916).
First appearance: Hampton's Magazine, March 1912.
Short short story (6 pages, 3 illos).
Online at Hathi Trust starting (HERE) and finishing (HERE).
(Note: Use "Full Screen" for the full effect.)

"H. says he can't come, as he is working on the case of the nearsighted crown jewel thief. Look up Mr. John Raffles, of 1111 Broadway."
When it comes to finding the purloined Nero emerald, the right man for the job might not be a man at all . . .
Typo: "the trouble had began"

- FictionMags's chronological list of Harris Merton Lyon's output from 1907 to his death in 1916 (with one posthumously published tale) shows that most of it was humorous stories.

- The reference to Arsène Lupin's picking the pocket of the Sage of Baker Street is from Maurice Leblanc's "Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late" (1907), online at David Stewart's collection (HERE).

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