Monday, June 25, 2018

"Can You Also Conceive of How Helpless an Army Is That's Blind?"

"See No Evil."
By Charles E. Fritch (1927-2012).
First appearance: Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy, July 1954.
Short short story (5 pages, 1 illo).
Online at (HERE).
(Note: Text is crooked and somewhat faded.)

   "You tripped yourself up a dozen different times."

Dr. Schoener's invention is really amazing, with a zowie factor that has the government very interested; it's too bad for Jason, though, that he can be so easily blinded by science . . .

- As a short story writer Charles Edward Fritch wasn't very prolific, but he was persistent, with his first piece of fiction being published in 1951 and his last in 1999 (see the SFE HERE and the ISFDb HERE), meanwhile finding the time to edit a short-lived SFF magazine. The SFE characterizes his fiction as "written for a variety of markets but sharing a certain glibness and snappiness of effect."
- Last week we highlighted a story (HERE) in which the power of invisibility was misused to commit murder; in "See No Evil" the malefactors are considerably more ambitious.

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