Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"I Hope I Am Not Conceited, but I Have Always Considered Myself a Bit of a Detective"

JAMES BARR wasn't nearly as prolific or well known as his older brother, but he could tell an interesting story, such as these two.

   "In the office we acted a scene that would have gladdened the heart of a Paris criminal judge."

"Setting the Detective a Puzzle."
By James Barr (1862-1923).
First appearance: The Strand Magazine, September 1921.
Short short story (7 pages, 2 illos).
Online at (HERE).

   "What is a detective for but to clear up mysteries? I have set you one all your own to unravel. Good day."

It doesn't happen very often, but in order to save a young man from himself a little safe robbing just might be necessary . . .

~ ~ ~
   "You give the burglar a square deal."

"The Eccentric Burglar."
By James Barr (1862-1923).
Illustrations by S. Abbey.
First appearance: The Strand Magazine, July 1922.
Short short story (7 pages, 3 illos).
Online at (HERE).
(Note: Some of the text is faded.)

   "You seem to have been fairly successful in doing the wrong thing at the right time."

A Dutch uncle doesn't have to be either Dutch or an uncle; instead, he could be someone who will unhesitatingly help himself to the silverware . . .

- James Barr was the younger brother of Robert Barr, whom we've encountered several times already (see HERE and HERE); the SFE and the ISFDb have more about James (HERE and HERE).

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