Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Each Time He Went Step by Step Over the Mechanics of the Robbery, It Seemed More Gemlike and More Work-able"

"The Dusty Drawer."
By Harry Muheim (1920-2003).
First appearance: Collier's, May 3, 1952.

Reprinted in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, March 1956; 
EQMM (U.K.), March 1956; and EQMM (Australia), May 1956.
Filmed for the Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series (1959; see HERE: SPOILERS).
Short short story (5 pages).
Online at UNZ starting (HERE) and concluding (HERE; scroll down to page 70).

   "There was no flaw in Logan's plan for revenge. He had calculated cleverly, rehearsed every move. Tritt was vulnerable—weak, vain, 
and smug—and Logan would turn his self-righteousness against him."

Weak, vain, smug, and self-righteous he may be, but is William Tritt really the thief that Norman Logan thinks he is? Don't be too quick with your answer . . .

- What biographical data we could locate about Harry Miles Muheim comes from the Internet Movie Database (HERE).

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