Monday, July 23, 2018

"He Didn't Bother to Look Too Carefully When He Didn't See It"

HERE WE HAVE two stories by the same author about how smug killers who think they've committed the perfect crime haven't . . .

"Alibi in Red."
By David X. Manners (1912-2007).
First appearance: Ten Detective Aces, January 1943.
Short short short story (4 pages).
Online at Comic Book Plus (HERE; select page 98 from the dropdown menu).

  "Fingerprints don't lie—but sometimes they bear testimony that is subject to change without notice."

A robbed safe, a dead cop, and being caught red-handed at the crime scene—such is the frame unsuspecting Ralph Childs finds himself in; the only thing that will cancel his date 
with the electric chair is manifested in red, red as in red-handed . . .
~ ~ ~
"Dig It Deep."
By David X. Manners (1912-2007).
First appearance: Popular Detective, May 1948.
Short short short story (4 pages).
Online at Pulpgen (dead link).

     "Detective Carter lets a hunch lead him to a killer!"

This policeman is sure he's got the killer; the killer is sure he's thought of everything. We leave it to you to predict just who's right . . .

Erratum: On a subsequent re-reading of "Dig It Deep" we've come to realize that the author did indeed include that crucial element which does play fair with the reader; we therefore 
beg everyone's forgiveness for overlooking it and unjustly libeling the writer.

- Says FictionMags about our author: "According to his son Tim he wasn’t actually 'David X. Manners' but was 'David X Manners' as the 'X' was his whole name and not an initial."

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