Wednesday, December 4, 2019

"He Ran His Eyes Over the Array of Death Weapons and the Heat of Passion Blued His Eyes"

EDWARD WELLEN is remembered primarily for his SFF (science fiction-fantasy), but now and then he would wander confidently into pure crime fiction territory, an example of which 
is . . .

"Bannerman Collection."
By Edward Wellen (1919-2011).
First appearance: Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, September 1976.

Short short story (7 pages).
Online at The Luminist Archives (HERE; scroll down to 

text page 59/PDF page 61).

     "Lloyd planned a surprise for his bride's wealthy uncle—but things failed 
to work exactly as planned."

A clichéd plot saved by a neat, but nasty, twist . . .

~ Natalie Bannerman Pollard:

  ". . . had come into millions."
~ Lloyd Pollard:
  ". . . had a right to share in those millions."
~ Roland Bannerman:
  ". . . it would be well if you were to do some reconsidering of your own."

- You might remember Edward Paul Wellen's SFF-crime fiction crossovers that we've featured on ONTOS: "Origins of Galactic Law" (HERE), "Hijack" (HERE), "Mouthpiece" (HERE), and "While-You-Wait" and "Finger of Fate" (HERE).
- The SFE (HERE) and the ISFDb (HERE) concern themselves only with Wellen's SFF; his contact with Hollywood seems to have been limited to providing the story for a single episode of Bourbon Street Beat (1960; IMDb HERE).


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