Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"All the Same You Ruined Me"

"Millionaire and Burglar: A Fable Without a Moral."
By Henry Alexander (?-?).
First appearance: To-Day, June 11, 1898.
Short short short story (3 pages, 2 illos).
Online at Hathi Trust (HERE).

"The shutters opened, and he could distinctly make out the figure of a man, grey black, against the blue black of the sky. The millionaire stood opposite in a loose dressing-gown, the revolver in his hand; short, thick-set, well-fed, red-faced; he  looked amused; he held the winning cards, as indeed he usually did."
An individual who is not your run-of-the-mill burglar decides he's owed money and intends to detach it from the nearest well-to-do person he can find—who happens to be the aforemen-tioned plutocrat with the gun . . .

- Move along; nothing to see here.


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