Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"What’s the Proposition—You Want Somebody Knocked Off?"

"It's a Cinch!"
By Jordan Cole (?-?).
First appearance: Secret Agent X, November 1934.
Short short short story (2 pages).

"He recently pulled a heavy job—about two hundred thousand dollars in cold cash, and he gave her the money to hide for him."
Two hundred G's can buy an awful lot of doublecross . . .

The conferees:
~ Malthus:

  ". . .  was handsome, without doubt; handsome in a weak sort of way, which was why the women liked him. There was a little sweat now on his well modeled face; his shifty little eyes darted around the office, awestruck."

~ Ringler:
  ". . .  massive, wide shouldered, with a huge thatch of red hair, a battered nose and a square chin, sat behind the desk and scowled . . ."

- The only other story credited to Jordan Cole by FictionMags is "Silenced Partner," Secret Agent X, December 1934, which is not to be confused with G. Fleming-Roberts's "The Silenced Partner" (1933).

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